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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy

Audrey Newborn 15.jpg


Julie Nowlan-Pinette RDH &

Pediatric Sleep Consultant

I became obsessed with the world of sleep training after finding out I was pregnant with my first little one (peep her right here: this is Audrey at 2 weeks old and we're so in love everyday!)

I found putting what I had learned into practice helped me maneuver the ups and downs of newborn/infant sleep. It inspired me to pursue formal Pediatric Sleep Consultant training so I can help families find restful sleep again!



Customized, Gentle, Empathetic

My sleep training philosophy is that I truly want a customized experience for each of my clients. One where the steps are easy to follow and make a good impact on your life!

I believe in using a gentler approach when it comes to sleep training. Endless tears are something I don't love, so it's something that I don't want for my clients!

I'm here to help you show your little one how to learn independent sleep. Where he/she doesn't have to depend on you to fall asleep. Consistency is key, and I'm in your corner every step of the way!

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